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tv   Today  NBC  October 14, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. civil war. the democratic presidential candidates take debate stage for the first time and surprisingly bernie sanders comes to hillary clinton's defense >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you, me, too. >> the night otherwise a bit contentious. >> is bernie sanders tough enough on guns? is there no. it's time enough the entire country stood up against the nra. >> who walked await winner? we've got full coverage this morning. fiery crash. a small plane slams into a mobile home park in florida and bursts into a baffle flames. a surveillance camera recording it all.
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the number of victims still unknown. fighting for his life. former nba star lamar odom rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious at a nevada brothel. his ex-wife khloe kardashian now at his side, his condition said to be very serious. and near miss? authorities raid a ranch in the rugged mountains of mexico looking for escaped drug lord el chapo. was it his hiding place? what they found that may take them one step closer to finding one of the world's most wanted men today, went, october 14th, >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from and good morning. welcome to "today" on a apparently law enforcement officials intercepted some cell phone calls that led them to that ranch in mexico, and it seems they may have just missed el chapo. >> can you imagine their feeling when they realized how close and
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how hot on the trail they are? we'll continue to follow that and have the latest on that story come up. >> we will. let's start with our top story, the democratic debate. clinton and sanders trading jabs and three other candidates getting their first chance to make a first impression. we've got it all covered this morning from the debate to the latest on vice president joe biden, and we'll talk to msnbc contributor nicolle wallace, but let's begin with nbc national correspondent peter alexander in las vegas. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning to you. hillary clinton's debate experience, her debate preparation paid off last night. estatic. they insist she was on, that she looked poised and passionate in what was the first democratic presidential primary debate in nearly eight years. >> let me say something that may not be great politics. >> reporter: when it came to hillary clinton's e-mail scandal, it was her chief rival bernie sanders who sent a message loud and clear. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your
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damn e-mails. >> thank you, me, too, me, too. >> reporter: clinton accused the house benghazi committee of partisan attacks aimed at driving down her poll numbers. >> that this committee is basically an arm of the republican national committee. i am still standing. i am happy to be part of this debate. >> reporter: with president clinton watching his wife from their las vegas hotel. >> i would not ask anyone to vote for me based on my last name. >> reporter: secretary clinton appeared confident and comfortable, casting herself as a history-making candidate. >> i think being the first woman president would be quite a change. >> reporter: and taking pride in her enemies. >> well, in addition to the nra, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the iranians, probably the republicans. >> reporter: the debate was initially more contentious than expect the. here's clinton asked if sanders has been tough enough on gun control. >> no, not at all.
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this has gone on too long, and tease time that the entire country stood up against the nra. >> all the shouting in the world is not going to do what i would hope all of us want, and that is keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have those guns. >> reporter: two clashed over sanders' political views. >> the casino capitalist process by which so few have so much. >> reporter: what he calls democratic socialism. >> i think we should look to countries like denmark, like sweden and norway and learn from what they have accomplished for their working people. >> we are not denmark. i love denmark. we are the united states of america. >> reporter: sanders called out clinton for her support of the iraq war. >> the worst foreign policy country. >> reporter: then there was martin o'malley challenging clinton on foreign policy. >> i believe that a no-into zone in syria at this time actually, secretary, would be a mistake. >> i was very pleased when governor o'malley endorsed me for president in 2008.
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>> going back and forth over there. >> as jim webb and lincoln chafee struggled to break through. >> you're looking at a block of gran snit finally before the two-plus hour debate was done. >> all the candidates are back which i'm very happy to see. >> reporter: clinton joked about barely squeezing in a bathroom break. >> it does take me a little longer, that's all i can say. >> reporter: and that republican front-runner donald trump has weighed in this morning as well, like her or not, hillary clinton did her job that. e-mail night played well for clinton but also for sanders. as soon as it happened he began fund-raisingration $1.3 million perspective. that's as much as carly fiorina on the republican side raise the in the first two months of her campaign. clinton's team knows that one test is done. they have another test ahead, eight days from now. she testified before the house savannah. >> peter alexander, thank you. one of the biggest names in democratic politics was not even
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time running out for him to jump into the race. did vice president joe biden see anything last night that would help him make up his mind? let's get to nbc white house correspondent kristen welker on the biden watch this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. if vice president biden was looking for a clear opening into the race last night, he didn't get it. many of the headlines this morning suggesting that clinton boxed him out, even his supporters acknowledging privately second clinton had one of her strongest nights of the campaign. now, as you said, pressure is mounting for biden to make a decision with his supporters growing increasingly impatient. the draft biden superpac released a powerful ad urging him to get in the race, but biden was far from the action watching the debate home at his naval observatory. as of last night, the vice president was still undecided but knows he has to make a decision soon, possibly within a week. among the top considerations, making sure he was a realistic
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and also making sure his family is emotionally strong enough after his sewn beau passed away in way. there was speculation that biden may announce his candidacy today. inside he has his weekly lunch with a president and a roundtable about infrastructure. savannah, matt? >> kristen welker at the white house. as promised republican front-runner donald trump watched the debate and live tweet the his thoughts to his 4.5 million followers. >> all are very scripted and rehearsed, two at least should not be on the stage, one tweet. the hardest thing clinton has to do is defend her bad decision making, iraq votes, emills, et cetera. here was a third. o'malley as former mayor of baltimore, has very little chance, and there was this one. can anyone imagine chafee as president in the no way. he summed it up by saying, sorry, there is no star on the stage tonight. meanwhile, announced on tuesday donald trump will take a different kind of stage when he hosts "saturday night live" on november 7th.
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wallace served as communications corrector for former president george w. bush and was a senior adviser to the mccain/palin campaign back in 2008. nicole, welcome back. >> thank you. >> talked about going into this debate it was hillary clinton's to lose. she had to avoid any major gaffes. mission accomplished? >> absolutely. she did more than avoid gaffs. she did what was most important for her campaign structurally. she stopped a lotted of hand-wringing among of the democratic donor class, among that group that kristen just reported that's desperate for biden to jump in. she went a long way to quiting those calls by having a more effective script on the answers, often the e-mail, about having a better answer on the iraq vote and i thought she did everything she had to do last night. >> and got a humongous assist from none other than her rival in the campaign bernie sanders who decided to come to her defense on the e-mails saying everyone is sick of talking about that and clearly ate that up and loved that.
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was that a good moment for bernie sanders or should he have gone to her weak point? >> one of my favorite moments, a rare moment of civility. everyone is so hungry for civility in politics and you see that the result was that they both benefited. she got a little political boost from him. he got a big fund raising boost, and what is being true about what bernie said is in a his supporters that go to see him are totally down with democratic socialism. i'm not sure i understand it and they really don't ask about the e-mail but i thought it fell to acooper to bring the facts back into the conversation which is that the fbi, which is not on a partisan witch-hunt, is looking into that server. >> on the democratic side of things, there's so much talk about gun, guns and gun legislation in this country right now. how did bernie sanders do on that top snick. >> well, in the room he was like a stinky sock, right? i mean, in the realm it was -- it was all they could do is not boo his answer in the room, but should he say in this race, i
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broaden his base. i think his supporters remain passionate for him, but i think his message is more of a center right message on guns. i think the liberal base of the democratic party, which is who hillary and the rest of them were talking to last night, far prefer hillary clinton's answer. >> we've got to talk about joe biden. >> yeah. >> he was watching that debate. many people think that this was one of the decision points for him seeing how she does and how she held up. what do you do if you're him this morning? >> i think it gets a little more difficult. i accept his definition he's going through a personal process, his grief and he how he needs to channel it and the political opening is less, but i think the opportunity for joe biden to step in and continue to serve the country -- hillary did mention another man who wasn't on the stage and that's her former boss, president obama, a lot more than i think she would have if she wasn't worried about a biden run. >> are you saying biden missed his moment, possibly could have
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appeared weaker and now she seems to have regained her footing in a debate like that? >> elizabeth winner is another democrat who may have missed her moment. the moment when everyone is screaming at top of the lungs for you to get in is what you should get in. when they stop screaming it only gets harder and running for president is pushing a boulder up the hill. esthe moment that it's the easiest and resembles pushing anything downhill is when everybody is screaming at top of i don't know if they will be screaming anymore. to florida and a small plane there. take a look the live scene in suburban lakeworth. an investigation is under way this morning the authorities trying to figure out how many people were on board that aircraft. nbc's kerry sanders is there for us this morning. kerry, good morning to you. >> reporter: well, good morning, savannah. authorities are trying to determine how many people are on board the plane that may have died and also how many people on the ground in mobile home park
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who may have also died. at least one father here says that he has not seen his 21-year-old daughter since the crash. she lived inside one of the mobile homes that was struck. this morning investigators are trying to figure out how a small plane veered off course, crashing into a mobile home park tuesday. this sfains video captured the moments just as the plane crashed around 6:00 p.m. the aircraft hitting one home before bursting into flames. the fire quickly spreading to a second home. >> there were two trailers that were on fire when we arrived. the faa is en route to the location as we speak. >> reporter: police say it's unclear how many people were inside the trailers or in the plane when it went down. >> i heard a big boom noise. >> we saw fire coming out of house, out of windows. >> reporter: witnesses say they ran to the scene, some frantically calling 911. >> i was scared and got chills. i told my boss, look, there's
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gray smoke coming out. >> reporter: while others describing in heartbreaking detail how bystanders tried to rescue those trapped. >> heard from a witness that he tried to break the window to get a lady out and couldn't do it on time because the flames was busting out and hopefully he was hoping the lady was okay but he was tearing down crying. >> reporter: overnight plumes of smoke were rising from the wreckage at firefighters preserved the scene for faa and ntsb investigators expected to arrive later this morning. as we look at a picture of the scene from above, you can see the size of the area that was it it. the national transportation safety board will be here and three miles away at lantana airport this morning where it was believed this airplane was headed. >> kerry sanders at the scene, thank you very much. >> natally is on assignment and tamron is here with a look at an escalating violent situation in the middle east. >> good morning.
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action against an escalating wave of deadly violence by palestinians. nbc chief global correspondent bill kneely is in jerusalem. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. from the very spot at jerusalem's old city where two of the attacks took place, this is now a city gripped by fear and suspicion. israel has now hit back, not just with more police and more checkpoints, but with a threat of collective punishment for palestinians and a warning. some of you may find some of the pictures in this report disturbing. one from where several of the palestinian attackser set out to kill, but they are struggling to contain this violence. the police say they can't stop these attacks through intelligence because most of them are carried out by people they don't know, often teenagers with no links to terrorist groups, acting spontaneously and often at random. israelis are scared.
7:15 am
so scared gun sales are up an shooting ranges are booming. in the worst attack two men targeted a bus with a knife and guns. today's commuters don't feel reassured by the one extra policemen on board. a decade ago suicide bombers regularly target the the buses so anyone with a backpack or a thick coat was eyed suspiciously. today a knife is much harder to spot. the images caught on security cameras have horrified and u.s. >> the situation is simply too volatile, too dangerous. >> reporter: israel desperate to end attacks that it have it seems no patterns and no leaders. one new israeli measure is controversial, it says it will not return the body of any attacker it kills to their families. instead, it's considering burying them secretly at a cemetery for terrorists, and that, tamron, is likely to anger
7:16 am
many palestinians. back to you. >> all right, bill, thank you very much. a jury has ordered a wisconsin gun shop to bay nearly $6 million to a pair of milwaukee police officers who were seriously wounded with a weapon bought at the store. officers brian norberg and a retired officer were both shot in the face. the badger gun shop was found negligent. according to the lawsuit store ignored warning signs that the gun was being sold to a so-called straw buyer. that is someone who buys a gun for someone else who cannot legally purchase it. an appeal is expect the. the hunt for one of the world's most wanted men has intensified this morning the drug lord known as el chapo escaped from a mexican prison back in july. well, now, u.s. and mexican officials believe they have now clues that could lead to his capture. nbc's mark potter reports. >> reporter: this morning u.s.
7:17 am
drug agents and mexican marines are in pursuit of joaquin "el chapo" guzman. u.s. agents intercepted phone conversations indicating chapo was hiding in a run on the rugged sierra madres mountains. mexican agents raid the the area and they thought they had him surrounded, but the drug kingpin wasn't there. authorities told the resident they were on the lookout for a man usually surrounded by bodyguards without mentioning chapo by name, but people know that he's target. this woman says the environment is very tense, and they are scared. authorities say chapo's cartel is the biggest supplier of illicit drugs to the united states. the u.s. says it's doing all it can to help mexico capture the elusive chapo who always seems to be one step ahead of them. for "today," mark potter, nbc
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news miami. >> it's on to the national league championship series, the cubs won 6-4 over the cardinals wing a postseason series at home setting off the celebration inside and outside wrigley field. chicago will play either dodgers or the mets that. series is tied up after l.a. beat the mets 3-1 last night. now, the two teams will play their fifth and deciding game tomorrow night, and it's going to be exciting. and a baby born at cruising altitude is becoming the tubing of youtube this morning. a woman went into labor during a flight from bali to l.a. fortunately a california doctor returning from her hop moon was on board and delivered that baby girl with help from flight attendants and passengers applauded. the baby's first cry which normally doesn't happen on a plane and the plane was diverted to alaska where mother and child
7:19 am
the first. >> that's awesome. congratulations to them. >> very sweet. >> tamron, thanks very much. you've got a check of the weather. >> yes, we do. things are getting hot, hot, hot through the southwest and into the central u.s. and becoming more fall-like elsewhere. look at this swath of record heat, all the way from the southeast into the southwest and on into the pacific northwest as well. reno, nevada, may break a record, vague yeah, flagstaff and tucson and look san angelo, dal yeah, schiefferport, houston, victoria may set records, but here in the northeast today temperatures basically above normal, but look at where it's kind of cooling down around the great lakes, chicago and cleveland. by under everybody is dropped anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees below normal, and then look what we've got coming up on sunday from syracuse to care abuse, an icy mix with some snow in the forecast.
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we're going to get to your local >> reporter: good morning. for the day a milk of clouds and sunshine. i think more clouds around this afternoon. a lot of clouds now in new york will move into new england throughout the afternoon. breezy, mild, not as humid. temps this afternoon between 65 and 70. tomorrow a mix of clouds and sunshine. a little cooler tomorrow. but that 62, that's actually where we should be for this time of year. friday, morning clouds, maybe a sprinkle. low to mid-60s.
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the weekend, saturday, >> and that's your late weather. savannah. thanks. coming up former nba and reality tv star lamar odom clinging to life this morning after being found unconscious at a nevada brothel. we'll have the late on the fight to save him. plus, the controversial new technology that allows law enforcement to track your every move. is it invasion of privacy or a potent police weapon? we've got a ross ebb reports "today" on nbc. evy coconuhas a drm. toome out its she. tohow all e worlds trueinner bety. anthen, inn ironicwist, gecovered by chocole and alnds.
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news, in middleton, sky7 h.d. over the scene of breaking accident on north main street. a box truck is on its side. a fire engine along with a tow truck. we'll stay on top of the story and bring you the latest throughout the morning. meanwhile, state police are searching for a shooter who opened fire on a car in wrentham. the shooting happened on 495 south last night. investigators say they found evidence of the shooting on the car. the driver was not hurt. police do not think this was a random act. time now to get a check of the forecast. let's go over the jeremy reiner. >> reporter: jadiann, temps in the 50s. norwood 44. boston 58. a little breeze, as well. the breeze may make it feel cooler than it is. you do have a nice fall day with more clouds than sun this afternoon. partly sunny. temps between 65 and 70 today. >> thanks, j.r. we're back in 25 minutes with another update. we'll see you then. hope you're having a great
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7:30 now on this wednesday morning, 14th day of october, 2015. a beautiful day in new york city. a lot of friendly faces stopping by to say hi, and we'll return the favor in just a few minutes. >> that's right. let's take a look at some of the stories making headlines. a lot of people stayed up late last night to watch the democrats as they sparred in las vegas during their first presidential debate five candidates took the stage, but it was front-runner hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders who stole the show, clashing over america's involvement in the middle east, gun control and economic policy >> the israeli miltd says it's beginning to deploy hundreds of
7:29 am
troops to help police forces in israeli cities. they have implemented the measures to combat a rash of palestinian shooting and stabbing attacks against israeli civilians and soldiers. and authorities still sifting through the wreckage after a plane crashed into a florida. unknown. at least two homes were destroyed by the accident. coming up, big brother is watching. a controversial new technology some police departments are now used to go track criminals, but they could be tracking your every move, and you wouldn't even know it. got a special rossen reports and the dual track conversation of privacy and this incredible new technology. >> we'll gheet that in a moment, but first some shocking news out of nevada overnight. former nba star lamar odom found unconscious at a nevada brothel. his ex-wife khloe kardashian rushing to his hospital bedse. nbc's jacob rascon hats late forest los angeles for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. odom has not regained consciousness and is not
7:30 am
breathing on his own. the former nba player who became a reality tv personality is still in critical condition. this morning former nba star lamar odom is fighting for his life after he was found unresponsive at a nevada brothel. the owner of the love large renese in hoff tells nbc news odom checked in on saturday, partied for several days and was found unconscious in his vip suite on tuesday. >> we called 911, immediately called 911 and then 911 said roll him on his left side and my manage ghntd that and he started throwing up all kinds of stuff, foaming. >> reporter: he said no drugs were found inside odom's room. odom played in the nba for 14 years, including two championship seasons with the los angeles lakers. overnight former teammates tweeted their support. on my knees praying, please, god, let him pull through. thoughts and prayers go out to lamar odom, great teammate and
7:31 am
even better human. >> voila. courtesy of chef odom. >> reporter: but it's reality television where he found a whole new fan base. odom married khloe kardashian in 2009 and in addition to some memorable scenes on "keeping up with the kardashians" the couple starred in their own spinoff "khloe and lamar." >> just do what i say. the couple filed for divorce after only four years of marriage, khloe would later say she never stopped loving him. >> i'm really on high alert for lamar because, i mean, anything i think will set him to spiral, and that's kind of the last thing i want for him. >> reporter: we're told khloe kardashian is understandably devastated and inconsolable. of course, doctors will monitor odom's condition. at this point the prognosis is not good, and investigators are still trying to understand why he collapsed in the first place. >> sad story. >> reporter: savannah? >> thank you so much. >> let's get check of the weather now from al. >> all right.
7:32 am
in southern california watching low pressure that's off the coast, and you can already see the circulation spinning around there just off the southern california coast, upper level low and will build moisture in all levels of the atmosphere and it will start to filleder in, and as you'll see as day wears on showers and thunderstorms these will be fairly quick. however, as we get into tomorrow and on into friday, increased tropical moisture will mean a flood threat in some of these person areas. rainfall amounts from one to locally up to three inches or more and that could increase >> reporter: good morning. for the day a milk of clouds and sunshine. i think more clouds around this afternoon. a lot of clouds now in new york will move into new england throughout the afternoon. breezy, mild, not as humid. temps this afternoon between 65 and 70. tomorrow a mix of clouds and sunshine. a little cooler tomorrow. but that 62, that's actually where we should be for this time of year. friday, morning clouds, maybe a sprinkle.
7:33 am
low to mid-60s. the weekend, saturday, cool. sunday c >> that's your latest weather. savannah. >> all right, al, thanks. come up, how do you deal with stress? now we know how oprah winfrey does. her message revealed. coming up, inside the cutting edge of law enforcement. rossen. you've heard of big brother. get ready for big big brother. look at contraption on the back. these are cameras in all directions, when you pass the police car even on the side of the street it's taking a picture of your license play. officers know where you people think californians live in our own reality. with our heads in the clouds. like a bunch of space cadets. huh? what? i've drawn a blank. what's my line? [director]: reset! maybe we do live in a fantasy... our own little bubble. just hangin' out! as if we're not completely
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we're pack now at 7:40. time for rossen reports cracking the case this morning. is big brother watching. >> amazing story. new technology allows police departments all across the country to record your every move while you're driving. you don't even know this. today national investigative correspondent jeff rossen shows you how it works and why some think it's controversial. >> jeff. >> hey, guys, good morning to you. so picture this. you're driving down the road and passion a police car or see one across the street and little do you know that police car has been snapping photos of you even recording it on the hard drive in the trunk. cops say this technology helps them catch criminals but now
7:39 am
civil rights groups say it's your privacy. this morning you're about to watch these cameras in action. right now this police car is taking hundreds of photos. every car that passes by in front, in back, even on the side, the make, the model, the license plate and we're blurring them but the cops record it and you never know. these cameras helping track criminals across the country, suspects they couldn't spot. cops found this kidnapping suspect use the camera and same with this suspect wanted for shooting and killing this college professor, and this ambush that gripped the country. >> we want people to come here. >> reporter: this reporter and her camera man gunned down during a live news report in virginia. police used in technology to find the suspect. so how does this work?
7:40 am
we have three cameras and they are mounted at all different angles. >> reporter: no matter which way the car is going you're taping it. >> yes. >> reporter: police in coatesville invite us how it works. instantly alarms are going o.four cars with open violations. this is grabbing a new plate every second basically. >> yeah, every car we're passion or is passing us no matter whether it's packed or moving it's picking it up and running it. how helpful is this? >> extremely helpful. i can't run every tag that passes or passes me. >> reporter: it's not just random. police can actually target specific cars. take my rental car, for example, last spot the at crime skeen and can't seem to find me. guess what. now with these cameras anywhere i drive if i'm spot they can get me. let's see if it works. i'm going to drive around town and see if an overs spots me and
7:41 am
>> just minutes later. the camera picks up my tag and the officer is in pursuit and critics say this is a violation of our rights and invasion of privacy. cops knowing where are you and when and savingled information. the aclu even filing lawsuits in at least four states. >> what's being created here is a potential to rewind on anybody's life. if they have years and years of their comes and goings and that's a very powerful set of circumstances that can be used against you. >> reporter: police fire back saying you have no expectation of privacy when you're out on the street and when you're out in public and by the way in coatesville, pennsylvania, the police department says they store the data for about 30 days, but other police departments keep it for much, much longer so what do you think? we want you to weigh in right now on my facebook page, this as crime fighting tool or invags of your rights? back to you guys. what do you think?
7:42 am
>> got to tell you. if they can find a criminal before that criminal goes out and kills someone else, i think a lot of people are going to be in favor of it. >> not like cameras are reading your diary, it's reading your license plate on the outside of your car. >> the good outweighs the problems. >> is twitter in trouble? after a wave of layoffs is your favorite social media app struggling to stay afloat? willie has more on that from th here at persil, the top notch team of stain experts has performed over ten thousand stain evaluations. persil loves a good challenge. and so do i. after all, i'm the professional. ten thousand stain evaluations later... ...persil proclean has been proven to deliver a premium clean. we've made a new stain with wasabi and goji berries. make that ten thousand, and one. switch to persil proclean and experience premium clean. wuuuuuuuuuuuuuut?! guess who's having mcdonald's
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7:47 am
twitter redefined the world 140 characters at a time but is it now in trouble? willie has that story. >> last night was a good twitter moment, the debate, super bowl, events where the country gets together and talks about big events but in a filing with the securities and exchange commission twitter announced layoffs, cutting staff in an effort to cut costs. on tuesday twitter, the social networking service known for its limited number of characters, announce the it is eliminating some of its staff. laying off as many as 336 employees, roughly 8% of its workforce. in a left to the staff twitter co-founder and new permanent ceo jack dorsey said this isn't easy. but it is right. the world needs a strong twit twitter, and this is another step to get there. >> jack doris who was with the company when it was a tiny nimble company, a startup, wants
7:48 am
and make sure that twitter is able to react and hasn't grown so big and bloat that had it sort of gets stuck. >> reporter: it's the largest shake-up in the condition's nine-year history. in that time twitter has changed the way people communicate. >> very first tweet. can you hear me now? >> the #iamkate. >> reporter: and while hashtags are part of the public lexicon twitter has never reached the status of facebook which boasts more than 1 billion active users worldwide. twitter has just over 300 million. >> twitter has struggled with user growth for a while now, but you can't hold the attention of advertise first you're not really growing your user base as fast as your competitors like facebook are. >> reporter: move is make investors happy. the stock was up 5% on tuesday. >> i don't think twitter is going anywhere anytime soon. it's too important to the people who use it. the media would not know what to do if they didn't have twitter to share and discover stories. >> reporter: so twitter says its
7:49 am
will get what they call generous severance packages which could cost the company between $10 million and $20 million. one member of the engineering team tweeted though he first received an e-mail he loved his job when he logged into the e-mail and got this error message. now an interesting trend, uh-oh, watch this. here's my swing. interesting trend developing on the #twitterlayoffs. all sorts of opportunities gathered from companies, tech companies, silicon valley, kind of ral toeing some of the laid-off twitter employees. guys. >> there's a lot of talent there. >> interesting about the social media company, successful by a lot of measures and how do you make it a business success? >> advertising has been a big problem. >> all right. >> coming up. we'll talking about baby blues and post-partum depression what. have we learn we take away your stuffy nose. you keep the peace. we calm your congestion
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coming up, our biggest steals and deals ever, including leadership isn't given.
7:55 am
>> anchor: good morning, everyone. it's 7:57. beautiful skies out there. j.r., what can we expect for the day? >> reporter: fair amount of sunshine this morning. more clouds this afternoon. temps are mild. middle and upper 50s. bit of a breeze, though. that may make it feel cooler than it actually is. this afternoon between 65 and 70. tomorrow low 60s. cold for the weekend, especially sunday. >> anchor: we'll continue to follow breaking news for you. sky7 h.d. over a serious accident in middleton this morning on north main street. you can see a box truck that's on its side. it appears there's also a second car involved in this.
7:56 am
we do not know if there are any serious injuries at this time. a lot of damage to that truck. we'll continue to follow that for you. and jury selection in philip chism's trial is delayed after a judge ordered a mental evaluation for today. chism's attorney says the 16-year-old said something to her that made her question if he is competent to stand trial. chism was later found hitting his head against the floor of his cell. we'll be back in just 25 minutes with another update for you. hope you're having a great start to your morning.
7:57 am
it's 8:00 on "today," and coming up candid confession. >> it's really painful and it's really scary. >> "nashville" star hayden panettiere checks herself in for treatment of post-partum depression. what mothers everywhere can learn from the new mom's very public struggle. and then fashion backward. we look back at some of our favorite and perhaps most misguided fashion choices from our younger years. >> i grew up in the kes effort. it was 115 degrees, and i insisted on having leg warmers. >> and we'll look ahead to trends that are now coming back
7:58 am
and the best bring ever? >> there's like sparks. good. we'll reveal how it all went 2015. >> happy 60th birthday, daddy. we love you. >> good morning, atlanta. >> we came all the way from alaska to see "today." >> good morning, phoenix! >> all the way from seattle. go, hawks! we're back now. it is 8:00 on a wednesday morning, and by the way, it's a beautiful chilly fall morning here on the plaza, rockefeller center. nice crowd gather the. we've got wrangler and willie, savannah, alsch and we've got a
7:59 am
terrific nice group of people. how are you guys? happy 80th birthday. >> thank you. >> what's your name? >> bobbi. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. what a day, what a wonderful gift being here. >> that's how we feel. >> happy birthday to you and can i just say happy birthday to my husband mike. it's his birthday today. >> happy birthday mike. >> in our house we have a 14-month-old so happy 5 65th month birthday. biggest deals, ten deals from beauty and jewelry. >> on this wrangler wednesday, big news for our buddy here. at end of the sumter we challenged all of you to hit three million followers on twitter. if we hit the number we'd send wrangler on the road. >> you guys have come in a big way and the wrangle will be heading out one week from today, he's going to washington, d.c.,
8:00 am
dallas and philadelphia, and that's right, he's driving. >> the head to for more on how you can meet up with our puppy with a purpose on his big adventure. >> a little tip. bring a liver treat. he responds to food. >> a handful of these. >> yeah. >> a check of the top stories. tomorrowson in for natalie. >> good morning, everyone. today the democratic candidates are hoping to build on any gains they made in last night's often civil, sometimes contentious debate. nbc national correspondent peter alexander has more for us from las vegas. good morning, peter. >> reporter: hey, tamron, good evening to you. easily the best day of hillary clinton's campaign. after months of democratic fears that she was a wounded candidate, clinton looked poised and presidential and solidified her status as party front-runner. overnight hillary clinton basking in the glow of her debate performance. >> we're going to win! >> reporter: for much of the night she was confident and in
8:01 am
from her chief rival bernie sanders. >> and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you, me, too. >> thank you. >> reporter: clinton blasted the house benghazi committee as partisan and politically motivated. >> i am still standing. debate. >> reporter: and used president obama as a criticism against his iraq war vote. >> he valued my judgment, and i spent a lot of time with him in the situation room going over some very difficult issues. >> reporter: candidate also tried to deflect claims that she's a flip-flopping veering left to win the nomination. >> i never took a position on keystone until i took a position on keystone. >> reporter: while sanders complained about the powers of the big banks. >> congress does not regular wall street. wall street regulates congress. >> reporter: as for clinton weighing in on e-mails, she
8:02 am
pressed by lincoln chaffee. >> secretary clinton, do you want to respond? >> no. >> reporter: perhaps the biggest loser of the night was vice president joe biden. if he was waiting or looking for a clinton messup to give him an opportunity to get in the race, he didn't find that last night. analysts say if he wants to get into the race, not being here last night was a mistake. tamron. >> peter, thank you very much. russia is dismissing tuesday's report from a dutch safety board on the downing of malaysian flight mh-78. the report concluded a russian-made missile broughtled plane down in eastern ukraine last year. it also said that the missile had been fired from an area that at the time was held by russian-backed separatists. a top russian official called the report biased. people at a california walmart had to evacuate on tuesday after a fire erupted in an area filled with halloween costumes and candy. employees used fire extinguishers to try to put it out, the incident near san francisco caught on cell phone video.
8:03 am
authorities say someone had doused the costumes with lighter fluid and set them on fire. thankfully no one was hurt. a suspect was taken into custody. and a very rare photo has surfaced of billy the kidd, the faded image shows henry mccarty, better known as billy the kidd on the left playing croquet in 1878. it was found inside a cardboard box at a junk shop in fresno, california, and was bought by a man for two bucks. the photo only second authenticated photo of billy the kidd known to exist. it is, by the way, or could be, brace yourself, worth millions. >> wow. >> this guy bought it for $2. >> i didn't figure him for a croquet player. >> maybe, that was the sport day. i didn't know his name was henry mccarty, all these little factoids. >> who record the the great pop song about billy the kidd? >> billy joel. >> steely dan. >> billy joel. >> good song. >> what was it called? >> "billy the kidd."
8:04 am
>> it could have been -- >> it could have been anything. >> we move on. we've got some medical news this morning. it's a condition name packets millions of american women, post-partum depression and it's gaining new found attention after hayden panettiere announced she's checked herself into a treatment facility, a subject she's been very open and hon best since the birth of her daughter. >> and it's really painful and it's really scary. >> reporter: hayden panettiere opening up just last month about her struggle with post-partum depression. >> something that i know a lot of women experience. >> reporter: the "nashville" actress welcomed daughter kaya in december 2014 and her reps confirmed to e news she's seeking treatment. hayden panettiere is voluntarily seeking professional help at a treatment center as she is currently battling post-partum depression. while post-partum depression is considered one of the most common complications of pregnancy, doctors say it's often underrecognized and undertreated.
8:05 am
where it interferes with the maternal bonding with the child, where it interferes with the mother's ability to care for herself is when she should probably seek help. >> reporter: panettiere is not first celebrity to shed light on post-partum depression? and i was part of an entire percentage of women that experienced frightful thoughts and fearful images and have no connections with their children. >> reporter: an estimated 1 in 7 new mothers experience some form of post-partum mood or anxiety disorder. >> you don't realize what broad of a spectrum you can really experience that on, and it's something i think that needs to be talked about and women need to know that they are not alone. >> let's turn to dr. natalie azar, our nbc medical contributor. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> one thing i learned from this it can strike any time in the first year. >> it did, and intuitively we think it makes the most sense it would happen the first few weeks
8:06 am
to two months after child sglirt hormones are raging. >> your life is literally turned upside time, time of the most stress but can happen during the firstee post-partum. two of my closest friends had it hit around nine or ten months and hit the skids. very interesting. >> you're already sleepless and might have the blues. how do you know if it's something you need to worry about? >> the biggest distinction between the baby blues and what's called post-partum depression really has to do with the duration and intensity and severity of your symptoms. quite normal around two days post-partum to have that crash of hormones. we think that's the main cause and you feel, you know, at that moment you're feeling possibly irritable or anxious or sad. have a new baby and not quite sure what to do. that should generally last two weeks. if it lasts for longer than two weeks and the symptoms become more severe you're having difficulty with sleerngs feeling helpless and feeling hopeless and feelings of guilt and one of the main reasons is this disconnect between the expectations of motherhood and the reality of motherhood. >> that's why it makes it such a
8:07 am
difference to have someone like hayden talking about it because there's a feeling in the media you're supposed to be it's so wonderful and, of course, you love your baby but this is real. >> when we experience this kind of thing, i had it with boast of my kids you feel that sense of gift, have this wonderful new baby in your life and should feel happy and on the other hand you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed. you're mourning your relationship with your husband and by the way i should give a little acknowledge not fathers out there. they can experience post-partum depression independent of whether their wives do and you can get help and it's important to point out if you do have risk factors of post-partum, a prior history of depression or family history of depression, in confact your ob gash gyn or primary care fay significance so they can identity symptoms early. >> dr. azar, thank you. over to matt. coming on trending what, men say they wish women would do on dates. i'll leave it at that.
8:08 am
and in "pop start" one of the most famous movie scenes of all time. what jennifer gray has to say about that legendary lift. and throw back today. old is new today as we look back at some our favorite fashion trends from over the years. some of them were big mistakes after these messages. mmmm mmmmm mmmm (laughter) mmmm, mmm, mmm mmmm, mmm mmm, mmm! mmmm, mmmm woo! mmm! milk, fruit, cultures
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to receive tanzeum free for 12 months. make every week a tanzeum week. 8:13 on a wrangler wednesday. what do you say we trend? >> let's do it. >> get to a story a lot of people are talking about, especially here in the new york area, the woman now being brand the the world's worst aunt. her name jennifer connel and she sued her now 12-year-old nephew four years ago. here's what happened. at his birthday party, he was 8 at the time, saw her and hugged her too hard and knocked her to the floor and she broke her wrist in the process n.court jennifer testified i remember him shooting aunty jen, i love you. and there he was flying at me. so she broke her wrist and she
8:12 am
life has not been the same since. >> on tuesday the jury reached a verdict that didn't take long and it ruled against the aunt. in a statement her attorney responded our client was very reluctant to pursue this care, but in the end she had no choice but to suit minor defendant directly to get her medical bills paid. by the way, what do you think, first of all? >> is this a formality so that your insurance will pay. >> that's what the lawyer is basically trying to say but, look, hi to sue the person that harmed me. >> it looked terrible. >> you know what gets even worse. >> gosh. >> the little boy's mom died i think it was last year. >> that's horrible. >> one of the parts of the aunt's defense is when she goes to a cocktail party now, she actually says this, finds it very difficult to hold the plate when the hors d'oeuvres are passed because of her wrist. >> poor baby.
8:13 am
>> in all the local newspapers. not her best day. >> by the way, suing four years later. >> that's the other thing. >> the kid was 8 years old ted. >> come on. >> we need something a little >> okay. >> how about a simple secret to help you get truth day. how do you fight stress? some people read and others drink, and oprah goes into her office and closes the door and what she said is on a tough, tough day she would literally go in the closet and just sit and breathe. i think it's a good idea. maybe not closet but coming yourself. >> what do you guys do? >> if not office and close the door. >> and a moment of quiet exercise. >> i go to the gym. >> i sleep. my mother, my entire life works go in the closet and pray, during moments of crisis and stress. that's her ritual. >> i would say a prayer.
8:14 am
know, and when all else fails just jump in the swimming pool >> i like that. >> with nobody else. >> just sit there. >> float. >> or the ocean, i like that. >> here's some anchors, television anchors, who could use a way to get rid of the stress. here some of the toughest segments involve animal and check out what happens when a nebraska morning show invited a skunk on the set. >> as a self-defense mechanism they scare and if they feel threatened -- >> oh, no. >> that's why animals scare me. >> it's not what it looks like. he had a little squirt bottle in his hand and pretended it was the skunk straight anchors. needless to say that will be his last appearance on that nebraska morning show. >> amazing. >> we had a skunk on the ore day
8:15 am
and we asked, that makes it squirt. >> they took the sprayer out. >> can you imagine matt's reaction in that situation. >> as a kid i got sprayed by a >> i did. >> i now the i detected. >> playing a game of tag at night in the neighborhood. >> did you sue for $120,000. >> four years later. bradley cooper reacts to skren i ever lawrence's pay equality essay and jennifer gray comes clean about one of the most dancing." how about pop starting, willie. >> first to jennifer lawrence winning praise for tackling hollywood's gender pay gap. in a candid op-end for lena dunham's newslefty she called on the double standard and blamed herself for settling for less money than her co-star. one of those co-stars bradley cooper and in e news he voiced his spot for jennifer lawrence. >> it's about changing that mindset and ticking sticking up
8:16 am
for yourself. >> they are close friends and have worked together in a lot of films and bradley clearly forgot the hairbrush before he went into the interview. a shame. next, what could be the most iconic dance scene in movie history jennifer gray and patrick swayze having the time of their lives in "dirty damages" and looks flawless. jennifer says this is the first time she had ever performed and never reverse it had and never done it since. i don't know if they have themselves into the arms of anyone other than patrick swayze is insane. look at you. get up there. and then he sued me for 127,000. >> the scene of the day. >> gosling goes you up farther. >> he did. >> he can bench press one al >> reporter: good morning. for the day a milk of clouds and sunshine. i think more clouds around this afternoon. a lot of clouds now in new york
8:17 am
will move into new england throughout the afternoon. breezy, mild, not as humid. temps this afternoon between 65 and 70. sunshine. a little cooler tomorrow. but that 62, that's actually where we should be for this time of year. sprinkle. low to mid-60s. the weekend, saturday, cool. sunday c weather. savannah? >> report, al, thank you. we've had neil patrick harris on the show many, many times. >> too many times. >> real enjoyed him and felt like he was a caring and considerate good, not anymore. >> we wanted to have him back but we actually became victims one of his pranks for his show, and let's just say it was not one of our best times ever. >> as anchors of the "today" show savannah and i are used to getting unusual requests from our producers and usually agree
8:18 am
capable hands because we trust them. so when one of said trusted producers, we'll call her jen, came to us with an idea called the du duplicator, a machine that would create our likenesses and turn them into actresses we were more than willing to try. little did we know that jen had fallen behind enemy lines and was part of a wide-range conspiracy to prank us with neil patrick harris. >> hi, guys. >> hey. >> who had gone undercover as a store employee named eric. it looks like any other. she we saw our regular cameraman ned and kellen but little did we know that there were two dozen hidden cameras catching every move we made and every word we said. >> i think it's great. great technology. >> i think it's a really good idea. i can see parents wanting to do
8:19 am
to be going fine and all of a sudden without warning there were costumes. jen had said nothing about costumes. >> we do have some props and costumes. >> oh, for crying out loud. >> this is going to air closer to christmas, like getting into the christmas spirit. >> okay. >> the to top it off we do have some elf shoes. >> that's nice. >> thank you. >> you look good. >> i feel really dignified. >> wow, you look so good. >> shoes make the man. >> i feel like that hat is really slenderizing on you. >> get in the friggin' doobli cat or. >> savannah was lucky to go in first. >> you look lovely. >> oh, thanks. >> three, two, one. >> oh, that's the one. that one is great. fantastic. >> okay.
8:20 am
thank you, bye. >> i don't know where the door is. >> hello. >> other than savannah getting trap the into the doob for a moment it was all sunshine and rain bose for her. >> here we go, mr. lauer. >> all right. >> as i stepped into the doob next i was thinking i'd be home in time for lunch. >> three, two, one. >> that's a great scan. we'll do one more pose. this one could be more fun than the last one. >> or would i. >> and here we go. three, two, one. >> okay. cue the alarm. >> just stay where you are. >> all right. >> jen. >> there's like sparks. >> oh, my god.
8:21 am
>> savannah. don't panic. >> we'll be right there. >> let's get him out. >> jen? >> the door is locked, matt. we're trying to get it open. >> come on, open. >> you know what, seriously though. >> can you just step back, please, one second. >> oh, my gosh. >> jen. >> what is that? >> what is that? >> it looks like urine. >> all right. >> i'm so sorry. >> i'm neil patrick harris. >> oh, my gosh. >> and you're on my new show "best time ever."
8:22 am
>> sorry. >> it's a little late for i'm sorry. >> is the smell. >> you cannot even imagine how bad that stuff smelled that they spread on me. >> imagine dirty old socks and somebody's underarms and urine. >> i was impressed how calm you wered with the sparks. i think i was freaking out. >> i realized at this time this was probably a prafnlgt can we notice one thing. savannah was scared because she saw the sparks did. she make even one move towards the door to try to rescue me and get me out of there in. >> i called for help. >> she just went there and said there's sparks. >> and when there was trouble why did you call for her? >> savannah, savannah? >> oh, no, no. here are the finished products. >> super creepy. >> it actually makes the stat ushs and by the way, jen, our >> former producer. >> looking to hire someone. she's no longer working here. >> it was fun. >> did you seat glee on jen's
8:23 am
>> yes. >> did you see the glee on neil patrick harris' face? cold.
8:24 am
>> anchor: this is 7 news now. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. it's 8:27. let's go over the j.r. and talking about the weather. amount of sunshine. clouds will take over through the afternoon. middle and upper 50s at this time. a bit of a breeze, but a mild breeze. less humid than yesterday. 65 to 70. tomorrow another nice fall day. low 60s tomorrow. >> anchor: all right. cambridge police are searching for the man accused of performing a lewd act on the church's alter. officers say the surveillance camera caught the man in a middle east's robe strip off all his clothing and committing that lewd act. state police are searching for a
8:25 am
shooter who opened fire on a car on 495 in wrentham. the driver was not hurt and police say they do not think this was a random act. the danvers teen on trial for killing his teacher is undergoing a mental evaluation this morning after he was found banging his head on the floor of his cell yesterday. philip chism's attorney says she doesn't think the 16 year old is competent to stand trial. today in new england returns at 9:00, everyone. hope you're having a great morning. we'll see you then. staci, you have got to
8:26 am
shaws & star market. yes, mom. now. spread the word. vicki, this sale is amazing. the shaws & star market stock up sale is here. general mills cereals are $1.88 each. crisp, eastern apples are just .77 a pound. and nature valley and fiber one granola bars are 4 for $10. honey, can you bring the truck? you're in for something fresh! the shaws & star market's stock up sale. we bu wi to
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8:30 now. wednesday morning, 149th of october, 2015, and it's a pretty morning out here on our plaza. reare in the heart of autumn, and it's a gorgeous day out here and we'll play a little bit of throwback music and kind of having a nostalgia week here on the show walking down memory lane, and this morning we'll
8:28 am
talk about the fashions of yesteryear, some of our shall we say interesting choices in the past, some that we really shouldn't revisit ever again. so we'll take a look back. it's fun. you had those shoes, right? >> i lost chuck taylors. >> they are in style. >> always. >> everywhere. >> also ahead, the biggest steals and deals of all time, up to 80% 60 everything from leather bags to neckties and jeel r jewelry so check that out. >> and we have a legend in the house. dan rather is here being played in the new move "truth" by hollywood legend robert redford and how he feels about that and the serious movie about a critical moment in his career. >> wet weather down through florida and also rain starts to develop central and southern california and in between fairly dry. sin and cool in the pacific northwest and cool weather in the great lakes. for tomorrow we exvogt see more wet weather around the great lakes and into new york and western p.a. and the rain
8:29 am
more heavy showers and thunderstorms down through southern florida. >> reporter: good morning. for the day a milk of clouds and sunshine. i think more clouds around this afternoon. a lot of clouds now in new york will move into new england throughout the afternoon. breezy, mild, not as humid. temps this afternoon between 65 and 70. tomorrow a mix of clouds and sunshine. a little cooler tomorrow. but that 62, that's actually where we should be for this time of year. friday, morning clouds, maybe a sprinkle. low to mid-60s. the weekend, saturday, cool. sunday c weather. willie? >>able, thank you very much. today's parenting team is a place for people to come together online and have conversations about everyday celebrations and challenges. all this month people have been sharing tips about how to be happier and let overwhelmed and these are our top contributors we've seen. seen some great suggestions come in. ladies, take a bow.
8:30 am
well down. now we're wipgt slate clean to launch a new challenge, how about to get your children to sleep. if you have sleep solutions or want to share your story head to and join the conversation. anybody can take part and we know you all have some great ideas. savannah? >> willie, thank you so much and now to a steals and deals fall blowout we have double deals this morning. "today" contributor jill martin is here with exclusive discounts on your fall must-haves, jill, good morning. >> super excited for this. >> super cute hat on. >> perfect weather for this and have something for everyone here. ten items. >> and you're starting with something i love, sweatpants. >> me, too. >> i life in sweatpants and these are designer sweatpants, super comfy and cozy, monroe sweats and shirt. you get the shirt and the sweatpants so the retail is $220. there's three sets to choose from. you can go on our website. navy, vintage, black and black.
8:31 am
celebrity fans include kim kardashian, mariah carey and kate hudson. >> i'm putting it. >> it is like that. >> very swost. >> the teal is $66, that's 70% off. >> very good for a name brand like this. >> a lot of this stuff packs flat so i have a gift room at home so if you want to stack up for gifts for the holiday this is a great time to do it. april mar an wrap, retails $89, one size fits all and great gift. available in five colors. celebrity fans include jennifer lopes, anne hathaway and blake lively. retail 89 and the deal $26. that's 71% off. >> that's great. if you travel, like wearing a blanket. it's best. >> between these two things, can you travel in style. >> and look really cute. >> always popular, the bliss sets. again, for the holiday, great gift because it comes in the totes and add a bowe. it's a four-piece set, two of the body butters and two of the soaps and split them up.
8:32 am
>> comes in the tote, the deal $49 and the deal $29. that's 69% off. >> i love that london and sage, could just inhale twhampt do we have, bag? alex and burns handbag that retail $440. of course, genuine leather. i love that there's a pocket on the outside. there's a removable strap so wear it as a messenger bag, five colors. retail 440 and the deal $44. that's 80% off. moving on to the necklaces, these are layered on my neck right now. close-up. if you already have necklaces, it's a great way just to layer everything. >> really cute. >> the retail is $120 so have you a choice of the 14 karat gold plated charm necklaces. they are adjustable. stow goes from 16 inch to the 19 inch and celeb fans include
8:33 am
sarah jessica parker, mila kunis and reese witherspoon. claar 10 and the deal is 90% off. >> if you want to do the layered look that's so this. >> and it looks good on everybody. >> peacock hair dryer, what every single person needs. the neo hair tool that retails for $150. choice of the hey dry ir, straightener or curling iron. a lot of different patterns go, on to see, carried in upscale beauty salons and all current technology in this. so really what you see in the salon. retail 150 and the deal $:45. that's 75% off. >> you have all the details that. >> got that on today.come. >> got to get big hair need the right blow dryer. this will be huge. >> this is awesome, and i'm so glad. exclusive to our steals and deals, these packages and all thomas the train set. the retail is $205. the starter play sets so ages 3 two sets.
8:34 am
there's a choice. this is the mountain set so you get everything here plus more in here. comes in a box like this, and then there's the snowy day starter, so you have everything here which is perfect for holiday because it sort of represents the season so again exclusive to us, the retail $205 and the deal $75. that's 63% off and everything is listed on >> minute left for our left one. >> this handbag, a different kind of handbag, it goes from backpack to a shoulder bag and messenger bag, the retail $440, six colors, the deal $86. 80% off. >> okay. smells good, too. >> what's this? >> skin care. >> $165. their award winning set. the oil, the body wash, the body lotion and the day cream which is the number one selling moisture irz. the retail is 165 and the deal is $50. 70% off. >> okay. you're modeling this lastite them.
8:35 am
>> i love this, and it comes really packed flat so great to pack if you're -- >> you're all the about the packing flat the. >> it's great because i don't have a lot of room. >> that's so cute on you. >> thanks. >>the hat and gloves, retail $29 $298, so you get the -- >> it's cashmere and that's why it's so pricey. >> exactly. sold at neiman marcus and ron herman, retails 298 and the deal $49 and that's 84% off. >> wow. >> both things for $49 bucks. >> the sweat and tees from monroe, the shawl from april maran, body butter set from bliss, handbags and necklaces and the styling tool from neo hair and thomas the train
8:36 am
skier and the had from mila.
8:37 am
evening news" dan rather spent decades bringing the day's important events to millions viewers but his career was cut short when one sorted he reported for "60 minutes" came under fire for failures in reporting protocol. that report about then president george w. bush's national guard service is the subject of a new film. it's called "truth." robert redford stars as dan rather. dan, good morning. always nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> i want to get to the serious nature of this in a second but i have to start by asking you did you ever dream someone would make a movie of your life or an aspect of it and robert redford would play you? >> no, matt. i think i thought more likely i
8:38 am
the dalai lama rather than have robert redford one of the great actors in this generation play you on the big screen. still trying to get my head around. >> if the introduction i gave the back story, this report on george w. bush's national guard service, documents that it was based on called into question. it was a very troubling time in your career and in the history of cbs news. reputations were shattered. people lost their job. why did you want it to come to the big screen? >> well, first of all, hi very little to do with it coming to the big screen and i was surpriseded when someone option it had for the big screen. and i didn't believe a movie would ever get made, but i do think the movie is less about me and marry mapes and even george w. bush. what it's about is what's happened to the news. why it's happened and how it's happened and why people should care. >> and that's a really good point, so if you were to look back, it's been about a decade now. >> right. >> if you were to look back, what would you do differently in
8:39 am
that same circumstance? >> well, i would do a lot of things differently. what i wouldn't do differently is back off the story. the story was true. because it was true undeniable facts about how president bush got into the air national guard to avoid service in vietnam and the fact that after getting in he disappeared, those were facts and that was true. because it was true those who wanted to discredit the story had to attack process by which which got to the truth and they have successfully attacked us on that so among things i would do is, number one, i would realize that we had to have a much better defense in the bloggospear and number two, cbs news, in a break from tradition did not back its reporting and that was a surprise to me. i have a lot of the responsibilities in this myself. >> someone with such a storied career up to that moment. what was it like to live in the
8:40 am
questioned? >> well, it wasn't pleasant. this is was the darkest period of my professional career. i would much remember a movie be made about my coverage of civil rights or watergate or the vietnam war and it was a dark period and one was in the vortex of this. you have a sense that the world is spinning and spinning out of control and nothing you can do can put you out of that so what i tried to do is recognize that, yes, we had made the mistakes in the process of developing the story and as a consequence had left herself vulnerable and the mistakes we made is how we got to the truth but not the truth self. >> you've been out of that anchor chair for ten years. do you miss it? >> of course i miss it. i've moved on. i long ago made my peace with my
8:41 am
in gratitude, modesty and humility and i have moved on. do investigative reporting for axis tv and do a program called "the big interview." i'm into the new world of -- the digital world and still doing the kind of stories that i like to do, and i'll really excited about moving forward. this is well in the past, as i say. i think the story resonates today, but i'm constantly moving forward and trying, to you know, keep up with buzzfeed. trouble. >> snapchat and i think it's an exciting time in journalism. i'm an optimist by experience and by name. yes, i've had my difficulties and made my mistakes but i'm excited every morning when my look for a story. >> always good to see you, dan. >> thank you, matt. >> a pleasure. >> thank you, my friend. friday. it's a book about our favorite fashions and how to sport some of the trends of the
8:42 am
past and to do it today and first on a wednesday morning and
8:43 am
this morning on "throwback today" a look at fashion because again. some of the biggest fashion trends this year inspired by style classics of years past, so as a reference we thought we'd share a look back at our own personal style. >> for my eighth grade graduation, my dad bought me a novemberbly nehru suit with a medallion this big and thankfully there are no pictures that exist of that suit all i need was the big daffodil, you know. that my one brush with the counterculture. >> i thought i was the coolest when i got my first pair of chuck taylor converse sneakers. high top white canvas.
8:44 am
i thought i was it. >> my idol was olivia newton-john. xanadu >> and i remember wanting to be like her and skating around my apartment in flowy dresses with my skates and leg warmers. >> i grew up in the desert. it was 115 degrees, and i insisted on having leg warmers. i got them for christmas. the '80s were not kind to me. ways in high school. used to wear boxer shorts to school, actual men's boxer shorts. i can't believe my parents let me out of house and everybody did it. >> i embraced the pinstripes, the somewhat bigger hey, the shoulder pads. i think the '80s, not a good look. not a good look for any one of us. >> i wanted guess jeans so badly i was so excited to have that little red triangle on my back pocket. they got a lot of wear, i can tell you that. i had a jean jacket and i'm still wearing it.
8:45 am
>> still trying to get over the fact that savannah wore men's box er boxer shorts. take us through some of the retro fashion trends back in action this fall. congratulations. "good housekeeping's" 11th anniversary. >> thank you so much. as you said, faction is really like the darwinism of fashion, the survival of the fittest and a lot of trends like with savannah and al but some aren't coming back. >> these are coming back and are worn differently. >> the broaches. we used to see them just like one a piece on a lapel jacket and can you see how i have them here in a cluster. all about sparkle and structure. >> in the past somebody would wear one broach and that would be the statement and now you're wearing them. >> in a cluster, object slit of a skirt, belt loops, getting inventive. >> this is called the box bag
8:46 am
made popular by a lot of celebrities. let's take a look at what it used to be looked like. >> this is first lady jackie kennedy and princess diana. this hit a fever pitch in the 198s. these are all under 100. different textures, studs, quilts, olivia. all under 100 and have fun with pat sglerns we'll start to move here. fit and flair dresses. what are they. >> yes. this is like the betty draper style, "mad men," cut in on the waist and flared out and so structured, matt. you weren't able to move in them but now we're going to see our lovely model savannah. >> come on out. >> not in boxer shorts. >> savannah? >> i thought i was getting a big entrance. >> here i am, in my fit and flair dress. >> and what we love about this,
8:47 am
matt, she can really move in it. >> doesn't she look beautiful? >> oh, every day. >> even after that prank she played on you? >> under $80. we love that it's even borrowing from trends like the '70s and the '60s silhouette. very '70s. >> i think my mom had this great. >> you look great. >> it's beautiful. >> we're slide past you. >> my gig is over. >> stay there and put the boxer on. >> this is a statement coat. let's take a look at what it looked like. >> i think we're seeing diana ross and marilyn monroe here, and it was all about making a bold statement, the outfit-maker and it still is and now can you wear it with jeans and a t-shirt if you want we'll see our lovely model tamron that comes out. she's dressed up today but this coat could easily go with a more casual look, from forever 21, faux fur, want to make that clear, faux fur and it's all about a faux texture in an
8:48 am
tone. beautiful. >> have motd else here that it hard to make look bad. >> we're going to slip that -- >> the no. >> okay. >> it used to be in days of old when i was 30, a lot of guys wore bowties. like. >> yes. >> we have robert redford and mr. james bond, but now this is an interesting one because a lot of hipsters have started this trend of wearing bowties so it doesn't just have to be formalwear so our lovely model matt -- >> sorry, i'm here. >> al. >> the other matt. >> sorry, al. >> and i think al looks fantastic. talking about this earlier. this is under $50, and it's really a really good way to be polished but look cool as well and the difference, matt, that's cotton so that's a big thing for men right now.
8:49 am
and can be a cotton bowtie and get in close the different prints so that's something that's a little different. not solid on solid but we're mixing everything up. >> i've got everybody, looks fabulous. go to your mother or foreor grandparent's closet and shop. don't need to spend a ton. >> ask permission first. thank you. >> thank you. >> and thanks to our models as well. for the full fashion list go to
8:50 am
staci, you have got to get down here. shaws & star market. shaws & star market. yes, mom. now. spread the word. vicki, this sale is amazing. the shaws & star market stock up sale is here. general mills cereals are $1.88 each. crisp, eastern apples are just .77 a pound. and nature valley and fiber one granola bars are 4 for $10. honey, can you bring the truck? you're in for something fresh! the shaws & star market's
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>> you literally would if to school wearing men's boxer senators. >> we go. >> and would wear it with a t-shirt and tennis shoes. >> wrest lynn shoes. >> there was underwear under them. >> of cour selling 18 homes? easy. four and a half months? now that was a leap. every favor i could,
8:52 am
and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at leadership isn't given. it's earned. realized. accomplished. fulfilled. won. leadership isn't given.
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